#DEEPROMOTER 9 Boko Haram terrorists storm village, kill 11 farmers #EGISTZ

Eleven farmers have been killed in Amarwa village in Konduga LGA, after Boko Haram insurgents reportedly stormed the village in search of food, the village, which was about 16 kilometers away from Maiduguri metropolis was very close to Alau Dam which was heavily guarded but no help came from there during the attack.

According to a report by Nigerian Tribune, an eyewitness, who preferred to be anonymous said: “They killed eleven of our people Saturday afternoon in Amarwa village in Konduga LGA 16 kilometers away from Maiduguri metropolis.

Nine Boko Haram insurgents drove into our village on motorcycles to unleash their wickedness. But by the time they finished their show of strength 11 of our farmers working in their farms were killed. We have informed bereaved families including Ali Umaru that lost a brother in-law.
“Those killed were said to have gone to clear their farms in preparatory for this year’s farming season with the assurance from political authorities that they can really farm big time this year since the first rain has already fallen.”

According to the villagers the insurgents are still visible around Kajiri village of Konduga LGA which is about two kilometers from the location of the alleged murders and eighteen kilometers from Maiduguri.

The villagers believed the insurgents might have become more emboldened by the recent exchange of their commanders for Chibok girls by the Nigerian government.


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