Exclusive Interview With Fast Rising Music Producer Gabzyjay

screenshot_2016-07-28-21-38-01_1.jpgQ How would you describe yourself to someone who has never met you?
—My name is Gabriel Jackson, born n raised in Lagos Nigeria, am into music production and online promotion, a simple easy going person and at the same time almost impossible to deal with, lol, at least so i’ve heard

Q Tell me about where you grew up and what your childhood was like?
—I had a good childhood experience, even though there was much hardship in it, but i wouldn’t trade it for a better life because in every hardship there’s much to gain n learn, as a child iv always known il venture into music because i was drawn to musical instruments, at age 8 i trained myself on keyboard, flute, n hermonical until age 12 when i had focus on school

Q Did you have a nickname? What was it and how did you get it? Does anyone still call you by that nickname?
—People in contact calls me Gabzy Jay. Cant remember how i came about that name but i can vividly remember my motive for getting a nick was for the fact that i needed a new character lol, people who knew me as Gabriel did not know the real me n my potentials n i needed to change that n a lot of things but def not the name Gabriel, so i ended up with gabzyJay, funny enough most of my friends n fans do not know my real name.

Q: Do you have a favorite musical project that you’ve worked on?
—I cant really say, actually iv worked with a couple known artistes in the past like IsolateArafada, AmaizingDipp, Jaywon, TitoDaFire, and a host of others.

Q: Is there an artist you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?
—Yesssss the numerous uno on my list is baddo himself OlamideYBNL, I wont reveal the rest so nobody go carry last.

Q: Is there any project you’re currently working on
— Yes i plan to drop a free beat in the fall of October following the prev one i dropped on February tagged #2016fever which was was widely received with much positive reviews, and before this year runs out ill return the honor by working with 3 upcoming artistes unknown to me for free with free promotion as well, so artists, be on the look out.

Q. 2016 is almost out, should we still expect more?
—matter of fact yes, and a lot at that, i work with a lot of media organizations, so expect lots of concerts, and a new record label Tweet Records just kicked off n will be signing new artists, audition forms will be available by November, n trust me tweet records isn’t any joke, we doing it big for real, undergo artists, get ready, this might be your path to fame

Q: What can we expect from Gabzy Jay in 2017?
—Much more sounds, GabzyJay productions echo on speakers day in day out. I am blessed to have worked with everyone iv worked with so far, All i can do is just continue having fun and create the music that we love. At the end of the day it´s the public that will decide.

Q Tell me some of the important life lessons you have learned. How did you learn them?
—We all have something unique in us, a purpose in life,  nobody will ever know you as much as you know yourself so its your DUTY to find out the gift you were given and nurture it

Q: Do you have advice for young people who want to become music producers?
—Go for what you´re feeling and what comes natural to you. Don´t try to copy the latest hot sound, then it will be too late. Believe in your own original ideas, and find people to collaborate with who share your vision. Don’t try to be better than someone else, be your only competition, that’s the only way to improve in this industry.

Q How can you be reached by those willing to work with or wants no know more about you
— Simply follow on twitter n Instagram @GabzyJay or email Gabzytainment@gmail.com,


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