We know you have waited patiently, we are glad the waiting is finally over.
Bluntt_Kidd presents : THE EGISTZ TOP TEN SINGLES FOR THE YEAR 2015!!
It has been an awesome year for music lovers around the world and a great year for all of us at EGISTZ. The SINGLES on this list were not randomly chosen but were handpick based on their creativity, success level and crowd acceptance. Reputation was not one of the yardstick and it never will be a criteria for our top ten list. Without wasting much of your time, we go straight to the number 10 spot and from there, we’ll work our way to number 1. Enjoy as you read.

10: ALL EYES ON YOU – Meekmill ft. Chris Brown & Nicki minaj.
This was the toughest choice we had to make. We had so many songs for this spot, but they couldn’t compare to the awesomeness of the combination of three world class artists. We love this song even though meek mill is on it lol. With Chris Brown’s vocal and Nicki’s badass rap piece, we can all say meekmill is a lucky man. This song received massive airplay across the world and peeked at a respectable position on the charts. Back then he still had his trigger fingers lol.

9: THIS COULD BE US – Rae Sremmurd
We always knew this song would make our list. We like concept and creativity and rae brings all of that to his artistry. This song has received general acceptance and also peeked at a respectable position on bilplboard. The song talks about a girl who isn’t taking the guy seriously. Nice one rae, we love it.

8: WATCH ME – Silento
On the 8th position, we have the crowd pleaser silento. Everyone both the old and young love this song. It brings back memories of all the dance moves we’ve learnt over the years. It’s one of the groovy songs on our list. It peeked at a very high position on the charts and even topped a couple of them. Very good and happy song for all.

7: SEE YOU AGAIN – Wiz kalifa ft Charlie Puth.
This song was done as a tribute to the late Paul walker and also as a sound track to the latest fast and furious movie. But the song did way more than that. Everyone who has lost someone could easily connect to this song. Thanks to Charlie Puth’s solem chorus and kalifa’s rap piece. This song sat comfortable on the number one spot of several charts for several weeks. Even people who didn’t knw Paul walker started to miss him after hearing this song.

Fun fact about this song is that it’s Genesis began somewhere around 2008. Another fun fact is that it was released a couple times lol. We love artists who know the potential of their songs. The last release of this song was in 2014, it received massive acceptance and in 2015 it topped the billboard hot 100 which is a great achievement for a Jamaican. A lot of artists made up their own remix of this song. It’s a really cool happy CHEERLEADER song lol.

5: TRAP QUEEN – Fetty Wap
We are now down to the top 5. On the 5th spot, we have Fetty Wap. We like his vocal and his bad eye, it looks cool in a gangster way. TRAP queen brought him global acceptance and its currently one of the songs that made our 2015 at EGISTZ . fetty wap is a rapper and he is up for a Grammy award along with Drake and kanye west. Goodluck bro

4: LOCKED AWAY – R.City ft Adam Levine
We love uniqueness in music and the first time we heard this song, it was magic. R.city really showed they could make music. They are currently one of the best songwriting duo in the world. With Adam Levine’s awesome vocal, locked away went on to peek at a very high position on the billboard hot 100. We hope to hear more excellent work next year.

3: HOUSE PARTY – Sam Hunt
This is definitely one of the best rock songs to emerge this year. You just can’t help but dance to this song. Sam Hunt continues to thrill us with good music. This is probably his biggest hit song, it topped the rock songs chart for a couple of weeks and also peeked at a good position on billboard hot 100. Sam Hunt has been nominated for the Best new artist Grammy awards. We hope you win bro.

2: HELLO – Adele
We were already starting to forget about Adele, when all of a sudden.. GBAM!!…she was number 1 on billboard hot 100. That’s the definition of a true hostile takeover. Her song “hello” has received massive airplay and remixes from a lot if artists. We don’t knw how long she will be on that number 1 spot, probably forever. Her voice is gold and its hard to not love Adele. According to the song, Adele broke someone’s heart, we are hoping it’s not really the other way around.

1: THE HILLS – The Weeknd
The weeknd is our standout artist of 2015. I personally started listening to the weeknd 4yrs ago and i thought his music was weird. Well they say weird is the side effect of awesome. He has had an awesome year and he is up for a couple of grammys. Apart from making history on billboard, his song “the hills” spent quite a while at the top of billboard hot 100. I didn’t think it will ever come down, but thanks to Adele, it did. We love the weekend because of his unique voice, unique concept, and the fact that he doesn’t really show off like other artists.

That’s it guys, our EGISTZ TOP TEN for 2015. We had fun, we hope you did too. We knw some of ur favourite artists didn’t make our list, so for some consolation, we’ll name some artist who came extremely close to making the list. They are:
Taylor Swift, J.Cole, omarion, Rachel platten, Eric paslay, Jesse j, Drake and wale.
We look forward to an awesome 2016😀😀


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