YES!! YES!! YES!!. It’s almost here again, the annual top ten list. This is the third edition of the yearly top ten list which was previously known as TINKELER’S TOP TEN. It has now been rebranded to the EGISTZ TOP TEN.
This year’s edition is going to be different in several aspects. Firstly, it is no longer the top ten bands/artists, it is now the top ten SINGLES which means that we are not looking at the artist this time around, we are only looking at their songs. What makes out top ten list differ from other top ten is the uniqueness and genuineness of our lyour
In 2013, imagine dragons took our no.1 spot, and in 2014, Bastille took our no.1 spot. This goes to show that we do not only look at the wealthy and highly popular artists but also the upcoming.
This year’s list holds exciting promises for fans of these artists. The list will open your eyes to music you never understood or never heard.
The EGISTZ TOP TEN SINGLES FOR THE YEAR 2015 will be published on boxing day Dec 26 2015.. So stay glued to EGISTZ and to your twitter account for more details.
The list was compiled by @bluntt_kidd


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