#EGISTZ New couple? Cynthia Morgan and who?? FIND OUT! #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)



And while one might be fooled that it was just a stunt, it seems they did actually kiss and Cynthia Morgan uploaded the picture as well but promptly deleted it. She captioned it, “Let’s just be honest, let’s just be real” And while this might be off a video,
photo shoot or another promotional stunt, the two have admitted to feeling some typa way, previously. In July, Burna Rankin admitted he would choose Cynthia Morgan over Chidinma during an MTV Base interview. Responding to the question from Twitter user @mysizzledizzle “ What kinda girl do you like: calm like Chidinma or wild like cynthia Morgan?” he replied ‘I think I’ll go with Cynthia Morgan ’” before quickly adding “ I mean I would have them both “.The month before, Cynthia Morgan admitted that she would like to make out with Burna Boy. In a Twitter interview by Doyin TV, the Northside Inc recording
artiste simply dropped, ‘Burna boy’ when asked which male celebrity can she make out with

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