#EGISTZ Akon Dear President–Enjoy This Ballin’ Bulletproof Van #TEQMJIZZY (SHARE)

Akon has the same crisis we all do — what the hell do ya buy an African president who has everything?! The answer, according to Akon … is a $350k tricked out bulletproof ride. The guys over at The Auto Firm in South FL. tell us Akon ordered a 2014 Mercedes Sprinter from them a year ago … and asked them to reinforce the whole thing in bulletproof armor. That’s the kinda order that raises eyebrows — but we’re told Akon’s not saying much. He copped to it being a gift for an African president, but wouldn’t say which one. We’re told the 8 seater whip was rebuilt with the armor, plus a ton of bells and whistles inside: DirecTV, surround sound, etc … all iPad controlled. Interestingly, the exterior is very plain … probably so the mystery prez can ride low key. Always a good idea if you’re worried about bullets. Hail to the chief?

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