here are the questions

1. can you tell us about yourself, and what kind of music you do: I am an outspoken person, love to have fun, do  exotic stuff, currently single no kids never been married hopefully one day never been arrested no type of background criminal record whatsoever always been a hard worker went out for what I want call myself trying to be helpful took people to work with me and that didn’t work out people want to fight me about the jobs employers was blessed me with for them to have bread in their pocket thank what broke the camel back was that they love the streets more than they love to work I am 28 years old going on 29 on May 6 always call myself helping people but never really paid attention that they didn’t want no help and when they come around I welcome people in with open arms but when I realize that they don’t mean me no good that the cause is pointless i remove myself from them and all hell breaks loose this is a little inside about myself I do R & B soul pop rap hip hop jazz blues pretty much anything I have yet met my match on any song I am unable to put my vocals to God has blessed me and I will use my voice to express my joy rather if it’s in the rap life are the gospel life I will use my voice passionately even on my deathbed if God is willing I have been raped by a female male at the age 8 a lot of stuff ask God why but truly the good ones through the crowd I helped was able to tell them my life story the hand what was dealt to me in my life was able to help some people who wanted a change in their life I did not run into all bad apples but God allowed me to be around people like that so I won’t allow it in my life ever again everything that had happen to me did not enable me to fall back but only push forward of filling a pain that I could not express until my light says to express it on the mic where I know this about all will be able to relate to a lot of my words that I am so grounded with in my life

2. what inspired the name Mr.Realtize: well when i was 13 years old thinking about the music me and my brother was making outside my grandmother door from sunup till 12 1 o’clock in the morning, it seems like the only genuine real people were Tupac and biggie. don’t get me wrong there are other real artists out here too but you don’t hear them anymore. I was going through so much stuff in my life at a young age and I didn’t know how to vent I was always straightforward maybe even a little vain at times so I needed something to define who I was as an artist and as a person mister real was my first guess and when I had really start making music on my own and call myself helping people of my pass who used to be artist in my studio people said from my music being garbage but was not talking about me but the artist who I had around me who I was recording every track I did what I’m on made the song even had their family members saying that I’m the person who’s making the music, live I can take anything crappy and make it sound like gold off of not that efficient equipment so everybody kept telling me I have brainwashing music if you listen to it more than one time people will be reciting the lyrics so I thought about doing some research on brainwashing and the definitions more I dug into I came up wit hypnotize I felt that this is the perfect combination to put real and tize together I want it to be real and at the same time if my music is brainwashing tize from hypnotize will be perfect for Mr.Realtize I still remembered my grandmother telling us to cut that loud music off she is 94 going on 95 just retired all her senses able to do whatever she wants to do and my motivation the wisdom we learn from her over the years and still to this day she has been here to kennedy Martin Luther King Reagan bill Obama and for the new one God has truly been good this is my motivation this is my inspiration not just her but for those who truly want a change I am Mr.Realtize given the people what they want every turn up about what we need

3. what achievements have you had so far since you started: let’s see I dropped five songs in Atlanta Coast 2 Coast mixtapes I have my music pretty much playing national an international I have only did two shows and I can see the energy the response the support and love from my fans who stood by me from the beginning and all the way up to now and gaining new fans seems like everyday

4. tell us about your debut single?:#####

5. who are the artist you look up too :Lil Wayne?, Soulja Boy he literally came from the bottom with a lot of crappy music what has gotten better over time, Drake, R Kelly, Timbaland, Ying Yang Twins, Ice Cube , vanilla ice, nas, TI, Trey Songz, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, i love throwbacks like Earth Wind and Fire, Erykah Badu, common, big boy, Andre 3000, 50 cent, Diddy, jay z, Dre, Eminem

6. are you currently working on and project at the moment:  yes it is call (That Girl)

7. are you signed to any record label? No not yet I talked to Def Jam Records the manager there and I have talked to the manager at Atlanta records about my music taking it to the next level I could not truly make a decision with the old artist I had in my studio they did not want to move forward as I slowly move towards the top invest in my time and my money when they gave me every reason not to do it so I had to make adjustments in my studio remove myself from around non doers are I should say remove them from out my life

8. what is your greatest hit track: s*** got real

9. have you meet any high reputable celebrity along the way: yes Big Pimpin. he was a room mate of Mines when I stayed in Richmond Indiana for a while he made the song hit the flo I think the group name was dirty Boyz

10. what message do you have for your fans: thank you to all my beautiful people out here for all the support, I could not have done it without you. everyone is truly a blessing to me, I promise you I will never let you down yeah that’s a big promise but I give you my word I’m going to give you what you want and we’re going to turn up that what you need love peace Mr.Realtize.

you can check him on reverbnation here


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