After listening to so many songs this year ranging from virtually unknown songs to global hit singles and albums, I hereby present the TINKELER’S TOP TEN BAND/ARTISTS OF 2014. This year’s edition features artists who produce high quality music, bands who have enjoyed major success this year and artists who should be heard. You might be surprised by this pick and there may be some evidence of biasness in the list, well let me add that I am a lyricist, critic and a reviewer, so I have what it takes to make an epic list and if you don’t like it, well you can always make your own. Have fun reading.

10. 5 Seconds Of Summer: Five seconds of summer is a very young band, in fact they seem to be the next big thing after One Direction. What makes this band exciting is their uniqueness and the fact that they haven’t ran out of things to sing about yet. With awesome tracks like “Amnesia” and “she looks so perfect”, they are literarily the reigning boyband. The fact that their fan base is ever increasing and that they have an award winning and chart entering single are just two of the reasons why they made the top ten this year.

9. American Authors : I certainly don’t know how long this band has been into music, (because I didn’t look at Wikipedia) but I can tell that they really know their way around catchy melodies. One thing I like about this band is that they sing like a mixture of country and rock music. Their songs are urban but they still have this American cultural feel to it. They have cool songs like “Believer” and “Best day of my life” which is my personal favorite in their album. The fact that their songs have a cultural feel to it and that some of their instruments have never been heard in rock music before are just some of the reasons why they are in this year’s top ten.

8. Neon Trees : On No.8 we have Neon Trees. I certainly believe this is a very matured band. The lead single from their recent album titled “Pop Psychology” is called “sleeping with a friend”. I respect this band a lot for their creativity and concepts. They have really cool songs that can help you clear your head like “voices in the hall” and my personal favorite in the album, “First things first”. It’s a song containing a very strong advice. They also have major hit tracks from previous albums, but the main reason why they are in the top ten is that they always bring out something extra with every new song. They may not get nominated for major awards, but this band certainly has high popularity ratings and crowd appeal.

7. Tove Lo : Tove lo is a very exciting individual to watch. She comes with a different kind of uniqueness which makes people like her music. Although she sings about alcohol and drugs which some people may not like, she knows how to express herself perfectly in music. Her hit single is called “Habits” which talks about how she got high to get over someone, pretty cool Hun. I personally like this artist because she does not seek crowd approval, she’s just being herself. I certainly believe she should be heard and that has earned her a spot on the top ten.

6. Maroon5: Just above Tove Lo is the very popular Maroon5. This band continues to soar as they release new albums. Right from the inception of their hit singles “misery”, “moves like Jagger” and “payphone”, this band has continued to receive widespread acceptance from music lovers, they have been nominated for several awards and have won several awards. This year, they released a new album called “V”. The album was speared by their hit single of the year and is titled “maps” which has topped many charts and has been on radio airplays for a while now. Other exciting songs in the album include “animals”, “my heart is opened” and “unkiss me”. The fact that they are well loved by the music community, and that they have released yet another awesome album this year has earned them the no.6 spot on the tinkeler’s top ten.

5. Zebrahead : Zebrahead is a modern rock band, in fact the only hard rock band I can tolerate presently. Their songs are very exciting and it gives you this good feeling when listening to it. Personally, I enjoy their music when am playing a game or when am angry. Early this year they released a new album which I think is their best album yet. The songs are all awesome, and if you are a rock fan, you’ll understand what I mean. The album is titled “call your friends” and so also is the best song in the album. It’s difficult for a rock band of this nature to make the top ten, so for zebrahead to be on this list means they are doing something right, so you all should head over to iTunes and check them out.

4. Kid ink : On the fourth position, we have the highly unique rapper know as kid ink. I’d like to believe he got his name from having tattoos all over his body. The tats look awesome by the way. Well this dude blew my mind away last year with his song titled “sunset”. He came close to making the top ten last year, and now he is more deserving of a spot in this year’s edition than any other artist I know. He released his album early this year called “My own lane” which contains songs like “show me”, “Money and the power”, “Main chick” and “tattoo of my name”. This rapper is not at his pick yet, he has a unique style which makes rapping look easy. He has featured and worked on songs with reputable artists such as Chris brown and lil’ Wayne. His latest single is called “Body language” featuring Usher and he is getting set to drop a new album next year. So watch out for this dude, because he will blow your mind.

3. The script :The script is a rock band made up of three individuals from Dublin. If you are a rock fan and you do not know this band, then you must be living in the Stone Age. Over the past years, they have enjoyed great successes on chart topping songs like “Breakeven” and “the man who can’t be moved”. To tell you how awesome this Band is, they are the only group that have successfully made back to back appearances on Tinkeler’s top ten. Last year, they debut on the tinkeler’s top ten at No.6, and now they in No.3 thanks to an awesome album called “No sound without silence”. The album’s first single is called “superheroes”. The album contains great songs like “No good in goodbye”, “It’s not right for you” and “without those songs” I really like this album because it’s highly inspirational. The main reason why they are in the top ten is due to the fact that they have massive crowd acceptance, and their album is the most inspirational album I heard this year.

2. Ariana Grande : Nobody on the top ten has had more successes this year than Ariana Grande. This young vocal queen has gone from fame to more fame. She came extremely close to making the top ten last year with her album titled “yours truly”. This year, she has been honored with the No.2 spot thanks to her recent album “My everything”. Ariana Grande is one very exciting artist to watch. Spawning back from last year, she has won at least one award in every single major award ceremony that she was nominated for. And just some weeks back, she got her first Grammy nomination. Her latest album contains chart topping singles like, “problem”, “Break free” and “Bang bang”. The album also features artists like The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J., Big Sean, Zedd, A$ap Ferg, and Childish Gambino. She came extremely close to claiming the No.1 spot, but in the end had to settle for No.2. The main reason why she is in the top ten is because of her global successes and her mad vocals.

1. BastilleNobody deserves to be number one more than Bastille. This band blew my mind away late last year with their unique vibes. That was the first time I was hearing rock music that sounded like something other than rock music. The band members were even shocked by the success of their album, according to them, they weren’t expecting the album to climb to No.1 spot on the billboard chart. Their most successful album “Bad blood” contains well-constructed songs such as “Pompeii”, “Weight of living”, “Bad blood” and “Oblivion”. The songs are very soothing and can keep your mind at ease. They have also received their first Grammy nominations, they have been nominated for best new artist. I won’t really say much about this band because they are just too awesome, if you don’t have their album yet, I urge you to do so. The main reason why they are in the top ten is because of the all-round quality of their music. Only one word can describe it EPIC!!.

Well that crowns it. That’s the end of the Tinkeler’s top ten for this year, but I wouldn’t just end it without giving credit to those who came close to making this year’s top ten. They include: Taylor swift, the Weeknd, Nickel back, foo fighters, Coldplay, magic, Sam Smith, Chris brown, Iggy Azalea, Sia, Ed sheran, Meghan Trainor, Train, and Florida Georgia Line.

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