#egistz Disabled boy shows Brazil heroes his skills, makes Neymar cry #teamjizzy


taken from eurosport, Leonardo Marques Tome, who suffers from arthrogryposis, made quite an impression on the Brazil players as he visited their training camp ahead of the World Cup. The disabled 17-year-old was brought to meet his stars by Brazilian TV personality Luciano Huck at a training session. The team gathered around Leonardo and listened intently as he read a letter about his life and his love of football. Clearly moved, many of the players were left very emotional after hearing from the boy and his tough story. His words visibly had an impact on the players, even moving Neymar to tears. But Leonardo brought more than just his letter to the session, as Chelsea’s David Luiz and others were to soon discover. After the training session ended, Luiz spent a bit more time with Leonardo, watching him juggle a ball after getting out of his wheelchair and sitting on the pitch. Leonardo’s skills clearly impressed the Brazil stars as Luiz watched on engrossed as he juggled a football while on the floor. It was a touching moment in an emotional afternoon for the Brazil stars, who will be under tremendous pressure at the tournament in a few weeks’ time. It’s not as if Brazil needed any more motivation in this summer’s tournament, but this brave youngster may just add a bit more fuel to their fire. At least meeting little Leonardo has helped to put what they are about to go through in perspective.


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