#EGISTZ U.S offers to help Nigeria in hunt for abducted girls #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

The United States has offered to
help Nigeria in the search for the
200+ schoolgirls abducted by Boko
Haram men on April 14th.
“We have been engaged with the
Nigerian government in
discussions on what we might do
to help support their efforts to
find and free these young
women,” State Department
spokeswoman Marie Harf told a
daily briefing. “We will continue
to have those discussions and
help in any way we can.”
Harf did not elaborate on the kind
of assistance Washington is
offering, but said: “We know Boko
Haram is active in the area and we
have worked very closely with the
Nigerian government to build their
capacity to fight this threat.”
Separately, a group of U.S. senators
introduced a resolution condemning
the abduction and urging U.S.
government assistance in the rescue
“The U.S. and the international
community must work with the
Nigerian government to ensure
these girls are reunited with
their families and deepen efforts
to combat the growing threat
posed by Boko Haram,” said
Senator Chris Coons of Delaware,
the chairman of the Senate’s
African Affairs subcommittee,
and one of the resolution’s six

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