#EGISTZ How Lesbian Prostitutes Are Getting Filthy Rich In Lagos EXPOSED #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

According to PMNews:
Beautiful girls, rich women, money,
expensive cars, stri’p clubs,
luxurious hotels —the secret se’x
trade, exclusive only to women, is
now big business in Lagos State,
southwest Nigeria, after intense undercover research.
Like in a secret cult, only the
initiated understand its cryptic
language, eso’teric ways, se’xual
benefits and financial rewards. For
those involved in the bizarre trade,
it was discovered during
investigation in Lagos Mainland and
Island, lesbianism is not new. Most
sex workers with secondary school
education agreed that their
involvement in the salacious act
dates back to their boarding school
days when they were initiated by
older girls.

for more #egistz follow @Team_jizzy https://facebook.com/JizzyEntertainment


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