#EGISTZ Nigerian dupes American lover of N52.5m #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

The Special Fraud Unit of the
Nigeria Police Force, Ikoyi, Lagos,
has arrested a 29-year-old man,
Henry Ogu, for allegedly defrauding
an American citizen (name withheld)
of N52.5m ($350000).
His accomplice, 42-year-old Yunusa
Okonkwo, was also arrested in
connection with the fraud.
A statement by the SFU Police
Public Relations Officer DSP Ngozi
Isintume-Agu, said the unit had
received a petition via email from
Ogu’s victims.
It read, “The victim, a US citizen
resident in New Jersey, alleged
that sometime in April 2013, she
met Ogu on a dating site and both
started a relationship which lasted
for months until the suspect
manipulated and made her to believe
that he was in financial trouble in
“She further stated that she sent
$350,000.00 to the two account
numbers that Ogu provided. The
account numbers were Skye Bank
Account Number 36204796 and
Ecobank account No. 04087350
belonging to Faneece Business
Services International.”
Police investigation reportedly
revealed that the account belonged
to Okonkwo of No. A1 Giwa Road, U/
Muazu, Kaduna, where he was
subsequently arrested. Upon his
arrest, Okonkwo was said to have
led police detectives to apprehend
Ogu, the principal suspect.
The statement added that
Okonkwo, a native of Amuri Nkanu
West LGA of Enugu State, was a
patent medicine dealer and also ran
a Bureau De Change.
It said, “Okonkwo confessed that
he was the account holder of
Faneece Business Services
International and admitted that he
had provided his two bank accounts
for the illicit transactions.
“He also said Ogu had provided him
with his account number, where he
transferred the money after
converting it to naira. He gave
Ogu’s account details as Diamond
Bank account No. 0021206871 with
account name Raydeus Synergy
Nigeria Limited.
“Okonkwo added that he had
deducted his commission of N2 per
dollar before paying the money to
A native of Amafor – Ishingwa
Umuahia, Abia State, Ogu allegedly
claimed to be one of the Directors
of Raydeus Synergy Nigeria
Limited. He was said to have
confessed to the alleged crime; he
had sent Okonkwo’s account details
to the victim who in turn paid the
sum of $295,000.00 into the
account which Okonkwo converted
to naira before paying into his
Diamond Bank account.
Ogu also corroborated the victim’s
statement that they had met on a
dating site in January 2013 and
started communicating via e-mails.

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