#EGISTZ Justin Bieber — Singin’ About Sizzurpll #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Justin Bieber’s so gangsta’ these
days, he’s now droppin’ sizzurp
similes to describe his
interpretation of “love.”The Biebs
posted two new songs to
SoundCloud — under the ridiculous
name Sir Bizzle — one of which is
an atrocious ballad called “We
Were Born for This.” Biebs has
never included sizzurp in his music
before … but threw a reference in
his new song: but the boys and the
girls they don’t know what love is
like love is like appreciation mixed
in a double cup of spriteDeep

for more #egistz follow @Team_jizzy https://facebook.com/JizzyEntertainment


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