#EGISTZ Woman kills her own new born child because he looked like her ex-boyfriend #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

18-year-old Ana Rosa Mora
(pictured above) has been arrested
for killing her own child because the
the new born looked like her ex-
boyfriend. Ana wrapped her baby in
a bag and left him outside to die
because she feared the child looked
like her ex-boyfriend and her
current boyfriend would leave her.
The Chicago Tribune reports that
the teen gave birth last weekend
and attended school on Monday
after allegedly committing the act
and even showed staff members
pictures of a newborn girl that she
claimed she downloaded from the
But after employees noticed
strange behavior – such as the girl
asking if authorities could link her
to the child through DNA and lying
about the baby’s age – they alerted
authorities. Continue…
The child had been found by a
construction worker a few hours
after the child was left outside.
The boy was born alive but died of
asphyxia and possible exposure,
authorities said.
The new mother said her ex-
boyfriend was the father and when
the child was born she feared her
current boyfriend would notice and
leave her, the newspaper reported.
She was arrested Friday April 25th.
Mora, who was scheduled to
graduate from high school in June
and attend college in the fall is
facing charges of first-degree
murder and is now being held on
$500,000 bail.
Source: Chicago Tribune

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