#EGISTZ more on TB Joshua’s Revelation about the missing girls #TEAMJIZZY (ShARE)

Amid mounting public fury and an
international outcry over the fate
of the over 200 kidnapped teenage
girls – now missing for nearly 2weeks
– TB Joshua declared: “They have
to be released. That is the voice of
He described a revelation he said
God showed him:
“I saw a vision where some of these
girls have escaped and they are
trying to find their way from the
forest to the town. God has spoken
– these children must be released.
We can’t wait to see them.”
In a message broadcast live via his
widely viewed station Emmanuel TV
and posted on his official Facebook
page followed by close to 1,000,000
people, he counseled the girl’s
parents to know that people felt
their pain. “It is not your battle
alone but the battle of all people of
God all over the world. They are also
our children.”
TB Joshua warned security forces
involved in rescue efforts to be
careful not to be drawn into
unnecessary confrontation. “God has
promised all of them will come out
free, without harm and hurt.
However, if there is unnecessary
confrontation, it may affect them,”
the pastor, whose recent YouTube
clip showing a prophecy of the ill-
fated MH370 plane went viral and
garnered international media
attention, cautioned.
“let us be prayerful and at the same
time be tactical and strategic, so
they will not harm our dear
schoolgirls. Their captors are in a
place where they cannot move
forward or backwards.
Confrontation is dangerous.”

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