#EGISTZ Jenner Sisters Selena Gomez Lost It!!! She’s the Bad Influence, Not Us #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have two
words for Selena Gomez — GOOD
RIDDANCE — because as far as
they’re concerned … Selena’s the
toxic one in their lives, not the
other way around. EGISTZ broke the
story … Selena cut ties with the
Jenners after Coachella because
she associates them with all the
trappings of Hollywood excess —
drugs, booze, drama — and she
considers them a distraction from
her real passion … music.But
sources close to the Jenner girls
tell us, Selena has it twisted — not
only do Kendall and Kylie eschew
drugs and alcohol … they believe
Selena’s the real drama-obsessed
party girl. After all, she’s the one
who’s been to rehab.

for more #egistz follow @Team_jizzy https://facebook.com/JizzyEntertainment


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