#EGISTZ Terry G, Exchanges Blow With Hotel Manager In Publi #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Terry G, was involved in a
messy fight at a hangout in
his neighbourhood, Iju.
The fight, which later
resulted in a free-for-all,
took place at the Treasures
Exclusive Garden, off Bola
Tinubu Road, Iju, Lagos at
about 6p.m. Wednesday.
A source told Egistz
that Terry G and his boys
stormed the hotel to relax
but things later turned
awry between some staff
of the hangout and the
music star with his crew.
According to the source,
when Terry G arrived the
club, one of his boys
forcefully jumped into the
swimming pool without
One of the hangout’s
attendants asked the boy
to come out of the pool but
he refused. When he was
dragged out, his colleagues
reportedly reacted with
violence. The ensuing free
for all, the source said, saw
Terry G raining blows on
the hotel manager.
“When Terry G and his
crew arrived the hotel
around 6p.m., one of his
boys just jumped into the
pool without paying. The
security guard called him to
come out but he refused.
Even the owner of the
hotel, Mr. George Obot,
shouted at him but he
refused. Terry G further
messed up the whole issue
when he started abusing
Mr. Obot, telling the man
what did he think he has
and all sort of things,” the
source narrated.
He continued: “His boys
started beating the
security guards, while
Terry G himself slapped
the hotel manager who was
trying to calm him down.”
Mr. Obot, the owner of
Treasures Exclusive
Garden, in a phone chat
with our correspondent,
confirmed the incident. He
said that he was
disappointed in Terry G who
came and messed up his
Obot said he wouldn’t want
to comment further since
he was still assessing the
matter and would get back
to egistz
A patron of Treasures, who
claimed he witnessed the
incident, however had a
slightly different story to
The patron, who did not
want his name mentioned
for fear of reprisal from
the relaxation centre’s
management, said when
Terry G and two others
arrived the club, they
hurriedly undressed and
were about to jump into the
swimming pool when the
club manager told them
that they couldn’t.
The ensuing noise from the
altercation between the
manager and Terry G’s crew
brought the proprietor to
the scene. The proprietor,
too, insisted that it was
inappropriate for the singer
to dive into the pool. When
Terry G stuck to his guns,
the proprietor, the source
said, threw a punch at him.
Then bedlam ensued
When egistz
contacted Terry G, it was
his manager who picked the
call. While confirming the
brawl between his
principal’s crew and some
staff of the hotel, he
however denied the claim
that Terry G physically
assaulted anyone there.
“It is not true. Terry G
witnessed the whole
scenario but never engaged
anyone in a fight. When the
whole issue happened and it
was getting messy, he just
walked away from the place
since he was aware of his
celebrity status,” Terry G’s
manager said.
Felix Alonge, the club
supervisor, said yesterday
was not the first time
Terry G would come to the
hangout and rupture its
“Anytime Terry G comes to
this place, he will surely
cause trouble,” Alonge said.
When Egistz visited
the resort this morning,
Mr. Obot was not there. He
was said to have gone to
the Iju Ishaga ‘Red House’
Police Station.
Though the club manager
declined to speak on
developments on the
matter, a staff said Terry
G’s mother had been invited
to the police station,
presumably to vouch for
her son’s civility should he
decide to visit the club in
Terry G has earned
notoriety over his uncivil
behaviour. Sometime ago,
he was reportedly engaged
in a public brawl with fellow
musician, Side

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