#EGISTZ. Ritualist Posing As Madman In Benin City Caught With Human Parts #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

The man had lived in a
make-shift apartment for
close to two years,
pretending to be a madman.
According to one of the
landlords in the area simply
identified as Pa. Onaiwu,
who spoke to journalists,
the suspected ritual killer
was in the habit of
behaving funny especially
when it is getting dark.
“This man sometimes
behaves funny. In the
afternoon, you will see him
bathing n*k*d, behaving
like a real madman.
“What really disturbed us
are the dead bodies found
around almost the same
area. The most serious
issues is that if a dead
body is that of a woman,
the head, the breasts and
the private part would have
been removed. Same also
goes for a male dead body.
“The last person that died
around the area was a
woman whose head, breasts
and private part was cut
off. Nobody will ever
believe that the man is not
a madman, the way he
behaves, not knowing that
he is responsible for all the
killings in that area.”
He suggested that someone
might have seen the
suspect dumping the
headless body on the
express road and informed
the security operatives.
When contacted on phone,
Edo State Police
Commissioner, Foluso
Adebanjo, said he was
aware of the rumour but
that he was yet to be
briefed by the DPO of
Ugbekun division in charge
of the area, but added that
he is making frantic effort
to confirm the incident
from his men on ground.

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