#EGISTZ Justin Bieber Held Up at LAX Customs #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

6:22 PM PT — Stand down
Beliebers. Justin just walked out of
the terminal — after more than 3
hours — and was instantly
surrounded by tons of photogs, and
a few fans. Justin jumped into a
waiting SUV without saying a word.
Justin Bieber’s return to the
United States just hit a snag at
the airport — he’s being held up at
customs, and TMZ has learned it’s
all because of his string of legal
troubles.Justin and co. flew into
LAX from Japan some time this
afternoon — but his party van, his
entourage and his luggage have
been waiting out by the curb for
about an hour now.Sources close to
Bieber tell us U.S. Customs agents
are giving JB a secondary customs
search … which includes getting
grilled about all his open criminal
cases — DUI arrest in MIami, egg
throwing at his neighbor,
etc…We’re told it’s standard ops
for anyone with a record like
Bieber’s — and doesn’t mean he’s
getting arrested for
anything.Remember, he also got the
3rd degree when he landed in NJ
on Super Bowl weekend.

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