#EGISTZ Harrysong – I Never Said My Parents were my siblings #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Harrysong came out and
said, he never granted YES
Magazine and interview
where he said his parents
are siblings. Below is a
press statement from his
Harrysong a.k.a Mr. Songz
has reacted to the story
making rounds on the blog
about his parents, the news
item culled from a supposed
interview he had with a
magazine and published on
the 22nd of April, 2014.
The sought after
songwriter and singer finds
it appalling that an
interview of such would be
fabricated and published.
‘I have not granted any
magazine an interview in
the last 12 months where I
spoke about my late parent
so I find it worrisome,
disheartening that a
magazine would
manufacture a story like
such. It is disturbing,‘
Harrysong vents.
Harrysong reiterates that
he did not speak to YES!
Magazine, neither as he
spoke about his parents in
the press in recent time.
This would be the last and
only statement Harrysong
would be releasing and
advises that every blog
retract the story. ‘I
implore that the blogs and
magazine respect the
memory of my late mother
and retract the story/
I really i’m busy promoting
my new video for ‘story’,’
Harrysong who just
released a video for his new
single titled ‘Story’ added.

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