#EGISTZ Ex Super Eagles’ Legend Dies In Lagos! #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Nigeria’s football wonder
dribbler of the 1950s and
1960s, Albert Onyeawuna
died yesterday aged 78
Family sources confided in
THISDAY last night that
Onyeawuna was ill for
several months before he
passed on at a clinic in
FESTAC Town, Lagos late
last night.
He debuted for Nigeria’s
national team then called
the Red Devils on October
30, 1955 and played his last
game for the country on
March 26 1964. He scored
seven goals in 26 games.
He was the star of the
Port Harcourt team in the
1950s and scored twice as
they beat Kano 4-1 in the
1955 Challenge Cup. He
again shone as his team won
the Challenge Cup beating
Federal United 6-1 in 1958.
Onyeawuna played in
Nigeria’s first ever African
Cup of Nations in Ghana in
Onyeawuna retired from
the game and invested very
well but at his old age, he
had serious challenges with
his sight. Payments for eye
surgeries from an auto
accident practically wiped
out all his investments.
While he said he will
appreciate Nigeria coming
to his aid, he refused to
beg anyone, not the country
he served well, nor his
state government for help.

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