#EGISTS Don’t Break Up, Celebrities and Fans beg P-Square #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

CELEBRITIES and fans of the
Nigerian singing duo, Peter and Paul
Okoye, P-Square, have appealed to
them to reconcile whatever
differences they might have and
shelve their planned break-up.
Ace DJ, Jimmy Jatt, said: “You are
brothers. You have no choice. You
just have to stay together.
“It is normal for siblings to have
issues, but please do not let it tear
you apart. I believe in you, I have
great faith you will remain
Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh,
who is a close friend of the twins,
likened the impending break-up to
death and implored their wives to
do something to salvage the
She said: “When you break up, your
whole identity is shattered. It is
like death. The love of twins is
undisputed, Paul and Peter. You have
been together for years, making
great songs like Senorita, Do me,
Story, More than a friend, Omoge
mi, Busy body, Alingo, Personally,
Testimony; the list is endless! Why
break it up now?
“Please learn. Two heads are better
than one. Mrs Lola and Anita, they
say a woman makes a home. This is
the time to show the world that
both of you are women with great
substance, which I believe you are,”
she appealed in a post on Instagram.
For days now the rumour mill has
been ablaze with news that the
singing duo have gone their separate
ways over issues many have come to
tag ‘irreconcilable differences’.
Since news of the crisis broke, fans
have taken to every known social
media page to beg the twins to stay
–Jude Okoye
The rumour was given wings by their
brother and manager, Jude Okoye,
following his tweets: “After 10
years it’s over. Am done.” It sent
shock waves through the
entertainment world, with their
fans fearing the worst.
But according to findings, it seems
their worst fears might have been
realised as Vanguard can
authoritatively reveal that the
alleged rumour of break-up is no
more rumour. The two brothers are
actually at daggers drawn, and look
set to have nothing to do with each
other again.
But according to a reliable source,
who begged for anonymity,
“Bayo was only doing his job and did
the first thing any normal publicist
would do to protect his job and his
“The truth of the matter is that
the brothers have been going at
each other for months, with Jude
caught in the middle, trying to see
if he could settle them.”
–Insider scoop
The source further revealed that
Peter is bitter, partly because
unhealthy innuendos have been
hurled at him as the passive
member of the group.
The source said: “The way things
are, we may find Jude and Paul
staying together, while Peter walks
“All the moves to reconcile them
right now is targeted at changing
Peter’s mind, who looks all resolved
to end all relationship with his
“On whether or not they have
shared everything they own, I
cannot really say because they are
not even on talking terms.
Everything that has to do with the
brand name. P Square has been put
on hold.”
It would be recalled that some of
the reasons Peter wants out is that
he claims his brothers do not
respect his wife and that their
brother, Jude, has been
disrespecting Lola for years.
This, according to reports,
prompted his packing out of
Squareville mansion in Omole where
he lived with his brothers for years
to Lekki Phase 1 with his wife Lola
Omotayo and their children. (Comment)

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