#EGISTZ why we didnt kill obasanjo BOKO_HARAM #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

While noting the group’s
reservations on the mediation
initiated by President Obasanjo
with the group through Babakura
Fuggu, in-law of Mohammed Yusuf,
the slain founder of the group,
the publication disclosed that the
new leader of the group, Imam
Abubakar Shekau, had considered
priming Obasanjo for assassination
as the September 15, 2011
exchange approached.
According to the publication:
As Obasanjo concluded his secret
meeting the previous day at the
Green House with three other
religious group [Jamatu Nasirl
Islam, JNI and CAN] in Jos, the
capital of Plateau State on the
Wednesday of September 14 2011
and took off the following day to
Borno State, the terrorist group,
according to the source, marked
the former President within their
‘firing range’ from the moment he
landed in Borno State at minutes
after 11am till he departed the
State in the late afternoon of the
same day.
According to the source:
“we were not sure of him”. “He
was going to be a big catch” said
the source who explained that the
leadership halted the operation as
Obasanjo went inside the
residence of Babakura. “Obasanjo
was good to us. We had no
problem with Obasanjo.
We had him. We could have taken
him out”, as he recalled that the
sharia movement took off during
the period when Obasanjo was
president. “The problem started
during the late President Yar’Adua
regime. Goodluck only inherited
the problem. We have no problem
with Goodluck. But his Ijaw people
around him are deceiving him”.

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