#EGISTZ 5 Nigerian boys in Ghana arrested for Godwin Ayogu’smurder.. See pictures also #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

Five students of the University of
Cape Coast, Ghana, have been
arrested in connection with the
gruesome murder of 19 year old
Godwin Ayogu, who was also a
student of the school. Sadly, all the
students arrested are Nigerians,
worst still, they were his friends.
One in particular was his roommate.
The students arrested are:
Ogunsanyo Abayomi (the
roommate), Obi Mnaetochi Brendan
Ilozumba, Oti Uchechukwu
Chijooke, Jimoh Oluwatobiloba
Timileyin and Isaac Ifidon (all
pictured above).
It is believed that Ayogu was killed
over money on the school campus.
His body, with legs and hands tied,
throat slit and intestines gushing
out (last pic right), was then
dumped at Amamoma on the
outskirts of the university.
His cause of death after a post-
mortem examination, was given as
stab wounds to the heart. Continue
The Homicide Unit of the Police
Criminal Investigations Department,
Headquarters, Accra said after
investigation, what they found out
was that Ayogu’s roommate,
Ogunsanyo borrowed money from
him to pay his school fees. But
instead of paying back when he
promised, he traveled to the UK,
promising to pay back when he
When he returned, instead of
paying back, he moved out of the
campus room he shared with Ayogu
and rented a two-bedroom
apartment outside the campus.
Ayogu took the matter to other
Nigerians who are students of the
school, asking them to talk to
Ogunsanyo to return his money.
Ayogu was last seen alive on
February 18th. He was seen in the
company of another friend of his
named Oluwatobiloba. The two had
gone to Ogunsanyo’s apartment to
demand Ayogu’s money, in the
course of which a scuffle ensued
between Ayogu and Ogunsanyo.
The next morning Ayogu’s body was
All five students disappeared from
campus as soon as Ayogu’s body was
discovered. But through thorough
investigations, police were able to
find out what happened and
arrested all five as soon as they
resurfaced on campus
Ghanaian police said the suspects
are assisting them in their

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