#EGISTZ Wrong identity. Saucekid Said it wasn’t him in the video #TEAMJIZZY (SHARE)

I’m sure some of you have heard
the news and seen the video. I
didn’t carry it before now because
I wasn’t 100% sure it was really him
in the video, even though many are
convinced it’s him, especially his
sworn enemy rapper Godwon, who
was one of the first people to share
the surveillance video on social
For those who don’t know what I
am talking about, a recent
surveillance video was released
online showing someone who looked
like rapper Sauce Kid/Sinzu
perpetrating debit card fraud in
Houston. Screen shots above.
The video was posted on a local US
website abclocal.go.com and they
said authorities were looking for a
man wanted for withdrawing money
from a victim’s bank account at an
ATM in Walgreen’s store on 8535
South Braeswood, Southwest
Houston on March 2, 2014.
Sinzu, who has since deleted his
instagram page, said he is not the
one in the surveillance video. But,
(which is also the reason I’m
carrying this report now) his real
name was published on this website
as someone who has either been
arrested or being searched for
‘fraudulent use of identification,
filed by Plano police.’ (Comment)

for more #egistz follow @Team_jizzy https://facebook.com/JizzyEntertainment


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