#EGISTZ Boko Haram Leader Claims Responsibility For Nyanya Bombing In New Video #TEAMJIZZY

The leader of Nigeria’s Boko
Haram Islamists Abubakar Shekau
claimed responsibility for a
bombing in Nigeria’s capital that
killed at least 75 people via a video
“We are the ones that carried out
the attack in Abuja,” Shekau said
in the 28-minute video, referring
to the deadliest attack ever in
Nigeria’s capital which targeted
Nyanya bus station packed with
morning commuters.
Seated with a kalashnikov resting
on his left shoulder and dressed in
military uniform, the insurgent
commander spoke in both Arabic
and the Hausa language that is
dominant in northern Nigeria.
The message was delivered to AFP
in a manner consistent with
previous videos from Boko Haram.
The bombing at the Nyanya bus
terminal on the outskirts of Abuja
was the first major attack in the
capital in two years.
Most of the insurgents’ violence in
recent months had been
concentrated in the group’s
remote northeastern stronghold,
where the military is waging an 11-
month-old offensive.
The attack in Abuja underscored
the serious threat the Islamists
pose to Africa’s most populous
country and top economy.
Shekau indicated that Boko
Haram has fighters based in the
Referring to President Goodluck
Jonathan, he said: “We are in your
Shekau has been declared a global
terrorist by the United States,
which has put a $7 million bounty
(5.1 million euros) on his head.
Hours after the Abuja bombing,
gunmen stormed a girls’ school in
the northeast and kidnapped 129
students, an attack also blamed on
Boko Haram that has sparked
global outrage.
Forty-four of the girls have
escaped so far, according to
officials, and the military has said
it has launched a major search and
rescue operation.

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